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Detroit techno culture 2.0
(with an artistic twist)

Detroit techno 1.0

Foundation of today’s dancefloor oriented electronic music was laid down by people who gave their heart and soul for the music. With a small selection of producers and music out there, people in the party scene understood what was really going on. It was all about the music.

Detroit techno 2.0

There is way too much noise out there, countless producers creating endless stream of questionable quality music day by day. With the help of the Internet, lot of kids want to take a slice from electronic music scene.

Detroit techno 2.0 has to be established with the purpose of saving it’s original message. Focus has to be on music culture education.

We need educated ears and minds to filter out the trash and we need to educate the audience about electronic music scene and it’s original purpose.
It is also time now that we think about the future. The future of electronic music right now looks pretty bad. The scene is full of “promoters”, DJs who just simply don’t care about music. All they care about is popularity, getting rich and celeb life. Because of this, lot of believers turned away already from electronic music (I was one of these who turned away for a period of time, but later I had to realize that it is part of my life and I will never let it go).

Unfortunately education could be a hard task for some of us. Learning it is not fashionable  anymore. Getting drugged, drunk, partying with no boundaries is fashionable.  Even in western counties 25% of people are functional illiterate. People are turning to celebrities to tell them how live their lives…

EDM is here and it is bitch.

I still believe that there are people out there who wants to be part of a music oriented underground scene. If you are one of them, then join me in the fight against trash music.